• Neuterings, sterilisations

    For horses, donkeys, lamas and bactrian camels in the paddock. For dogs, cats and other small pets in our surgery. .

    •  Bone surgery, soft tissue surgery, and tumor surgery

    For dogs, cats and small pets; in particular accident surgery and traumatology


  • hip denervation for dogs suffering from HD
  • patella luxation surgery with immersion of trochlea or relocation of tuberositas tibiae and fasciae surgery
  • plastic surgeries in case of large lesions or similar
  • ocular surgeries

Eyelid correction, cherri-eye-OP, cornea stitches, nictitating membrane apron and much more

  • dental care – see page dental care

All our surgeries are executed under inhalation anaesthesia and are monitored by ECG, breath monitor as well as carbon dioxide and oxygen control. Previous blood examination as wells as ECG possible by arrangement.