Dental care

We execute dental care treatments for:

dogs, cats, small pets and horses.

For dogs and cats, formation of tartar is the first visible problem.

Subsequently, secondary diseases of gums and dents often result therefrom which can even lead to loss of dents. In order to cope with that, scraping with ultrasonics in time is indispensable. Due to unpleasant sound and water atomisation, this treatment can only be executed under general anaesthetic, even in case of really good pets. Also in case of older animals, it bears only low risks due to inhalation anaesthesia and the monitoring by means of ECG,  breathmonitoring, carbon dioxide and oxygen measuring. Please contact our team in time in this respect.



In case of small pets like guinea pigs and rabbits, the focus is on dentition faults, above all due too long or crooked teeth. This malpositioning of teeth often leads to injuries of tongue and gum. Finally , this results often in emaciation due to poor food intake. While we are able to shorten the incisor teeth without any anaesthesia, for the correction of the back teeth, an anaesthesia is necessary. We always execute an inhalation aneasthesia and a monitoring via ECG and pulse oximetry in order to keep the anaesthesia at a minimum.




In case of horses,  teeth problems are noticeable in various ways:

Emaciation, unwillingness upon riding, unwillingness when using a snaffle or poor food intake might be indications for malpositions in the horse’s mouth.

The reason is uneven abrasion of the steadily growing back teeth resulting in the formation of sharp edges, too long teeth or malpositions. Additionally, a change in the forage properties has taken please. In contrast to the orginal way of life of wild horses, the times of food intake and the properties of the forage have considerably changed. Another reason for malpositions of teeth are the efforts in breeding in order to steadily refine a breed and therefore, to achieve smaller or slimmer heads. In doing so, there is less space for the teeth in the oral cavity and this results more often in the formation of malpositions.

For these reasons, it is important to regularly execute a dental check and, if necessary, to execute corrections.

Our surgery is equipped with a state-of-the-art horse teeth grinding machine and hand graters. Of course, we carry out these interventions and corrections on your site.